Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June 28 & 29

Yesterday it was nice to receive flowers from my wife's work, see below. Very unexpected but a  nice thought and they look great. I've never received flowers before but they do brighten up the main floor. Thanks!

Not sure how but Mary-lou from Dr Gryfe's office was able to get me a full catscan for this Thursday. No idea how she was able to pull this off but I'm very appreciative. 

It will take 5 days for the catscan to be analyzed and the report sent. Dr Robert Burkes who is back from vacation on Mon July 11. My appointment with his is on Wed July 13. Don't think I will be able to get in any sooner. Based on what I've read and viewed  he is one of the top guys so I'm more than OK with this time line. 

The other dependency is the portacath on July 18. Once this is done I can start treatment. Just not sure if I will get treatment before going to the family reunion on July 25. Mary-lou thinks no but she is going to try and I'll see what I can do to help as well. 

Want to say thanks to everyone for all your help and support! Some times the small stuff really helps. Received many emails of support. They are all very appreciated and I hope to get back to everyone tonight.Feel free to send notes to my work or home email. 

From the blog I've also learned that a relative traveled to Europe with Dr Burkes back in 75. Also a neighbor
has refereed me into a doctor at Sunnybrook who he knows for a second opinion. Doubt they will find anything different but you never know. 

Outside of following up with health care next steps I've been focusing on exercising and catching up on some paperwork. The exercising is going well, want to beef up before chemo starts. The paper work has been harder to get to but I'm optimistic for next week. 

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Marianna and Gerard said...

How are you doing Stephen? Is there any more news?