Friday, 29 July 2011

Feeling safer knowing that we have a great chemo nurse from Hamilton staying about 20 meeters away. Also have a Emergency Nurse from Hamilton staying just over a km down the road.

No medical doctors as far as i know but we do have a Phd of Policics on the same farm. So if i do get sick at least I should be able to have some long and interestin conversations.
At the family reunion today we had 125 people playing golf and 477 people registered so far.

Saturday will be strange. Going with my mom and Aunt to visite a group of Nunns who have been praying for me and my family. It should all be fine I just hope i don't start quoting Christopher HutchinsonI'm sure it will all be normal and with in Vatican II guidelines.

Worst case I make my mom and a few other people happy! If I am wrong, it is better to safe by playing all option active.

Returning home on holiday Monday, my next chemo treatment starts Tuesday at 9am. So far l'm feeling fine with no real side effects.

Monday, 25 July 2011

July 25

We all made it safe and sound to Lakevale. Will send some photos tomorrow. Thanks to my Playbook with bridge for internet access and for the photos. 

It is a cool cloudless night and you can see the milkyway in the sky, very cool.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Update July 24

Sorry for the delay in getting an update out. This past week was very active at time and I needed to focus on resting.

Monday July 18th was a very long day. The Port was installed and I had my first chemo treatment. I'm glad both were done but on the same day is not something that I'd recommend to anyone. If you have the option I'd recommend waiting a week after the port was installed to get your first treatment. 

This is what my port looked like on Monday before chemo. It took most of the week for the bruising to go down and for the cut to start healing. I can still feel the cable running up my neck, still a bit freaked out by this.  The VON nurses were good but we all agreed that the surgery pre-nurse should have saved off more chest hair.  

Having the port installed and chemo on the same day wiped me out for the week. Spent more time sleeping than anything. So far no side effects to the chemo other than a bit of constipation followed by non-constipation. No nausea or anything like that. The challenge was staying awake for more than 4hrs at a time. So I rested a lot and work any chores into smaller chunks. 

The hot weather might have added to this but who knows. The AC was always on all the time so I'm not looking forward to the next power bill. 

Over the past week the kids and I saw a few movies with their summer camp and on our own. From the kids perspective do not bother with Zookeeper (the 5 min add for TGIF was a bit annoying) but both boys really liked Winnie the Pooh  and surprisingly Mr Poppers Penguins  . Jim Cary was good but not over the top. 

Tomorrow we are leaving for the Boyd (my mother's side) Family reunion outside of Antigonish in Lakevale, Nova Scotia. The last one ten years ago had more than 500 people attending from around the world. The facebook page is Descendents of Angus R and Cassie Boyd

We fly out tomorrow and pick up our RV in the afternoon. The boys have been watching the first 4 seasons of Ben 10 and are very excited about sleeping in an RV. I'd tried to explain this is to a few adults who are not familiar with the TV show but explaining a kids show in an adult conversation is harder than one would think. 

We are all looking forward to the week in Lakevale. The fresh air and relaxing setting will be just what we all need. We will be parking the RV behind my parents place on the hill, hopefully we can get a bit of shade. 

The only challenge will be avoiding colds or any other bugs that will be going around. My sister Colleen suggested that I go around with a surgical mask on but that might be a bit too much. I'm sure people will understand why I'll be passing on handshakes, hugs and kisses on the cheek. 

The Tuesday following Civic Holiday Monday is when we get back, but the next day I'm scheduled in for my second chemo treatment on Aug 3rd. Just chemo and no surgery so this will go better. Given my light side effects so far I'm going to ask if they can up the punch on the second treatment. Short term pain is preferred to long term issues. This will be the 2nd of four bi-weekly treatments until the next catscan is done progress is assessed.

Also I need to thank a very supportive neighbour who has arranged for my file to be reviewed by Dr Smith and the Tumor Panel at SunnyBrook. Don't expect anything to change but it's always good to get a second opinion from a well respected panel and this will at least set a base line for any future reviews. 

Want to thank everyone for their support. I've received many emails, calls and cards (they were great and promoted some great conversations with the kids). Apologies if I've not gotten back to you this week. When I've been out of bed I've needed to be focused one getting one or maybe two things done before getting back to sleep. Thanks again to Tanya's work for a second basket, not really needed but very appreciated. No idea who put this together but you seem to know me well, Tanya will need to consult with you on any future presents. 

Don't expect that I'll be able to update the blog next week. I might start doing shorter updates on Google +, let me know if you need an account. Once I get back I'll given an update on the second opinion from Dr Smith, post a few photos and let you all know how things are going. 

Thanks again for your support.