Monday, 4 June 2012

Sunday June 2nd - Update

Substituting in for Stephen on some post-surgery updates:

Stephen received his first visitors (who were not his parents or yours truly) in the hospital post-surgery today. His sister Sandra and her husband Steve came down for a visit. Sounds like from Stephen that he really enjoyed the time spent with them, and Sandra phoned afterwards to let me know that Stephen looked great post-surgery in her opinion. Apparently they got the added treat of viewing his incision (lucky them!). Stephen was able to get up and walk around the nurse's station 11 times by the time Sandra left.

Stephen also got a visit from Dr. Kane, who let him know that everything looks on track, and that they will begin to let him have some food on Day 6 or Day 7, which will get his bowels working again, a step that will require monitoring in the hospital, as we were told in advance.

The boys were both invited today to a Boxing birthday party for Gavin's good friend Thomas, so Stephen phoned them in the morning, and was able to talk to them over the speaker phone to "coach" them before the event.

Stephen's sister Karen is planning a visit on Monday, June 4th and his brother Gerard is planning a visit on Thursday, June 7th at this point.

Signing off,