Sunday, 26 June 2011

June 24

Friday was my first day off since getting back. No doctors appointments or running around.

Mary Lou called from Dr Gryfe's office, my colonoscopy is scheduled for Monday June 27 at 10am, they will take a biopsy of my cancer. This will be done by Dr Ron Burkes. Dr Gryfe is out of office on Monday but I think the more people working on this the better.

The catscan is set for the week of June 27 as well but the date won't be set until Monday. Hopefully this will be on the 28th or 29th.

Based on the new blood work, the biopsy and catscan a full diagnosis will be done and treatment will progress. I'm looking forward to this and prepared for any outcome. Ignoring the reality is not going to make anything better. Not knowing and not progressing with treatment is the hardest part for me.

On Monday I also need to follow-up with the hospital in Fred for a CD of my first catscan. The first catscan was just abdominal the next set will include chest.

To be honest, it was very hard to start working on the planned tasks Friday. I stayed in bed till a noon time call from Tanya.

Realized that even though I have cancer that tasks still need to be done. Sometimes taking care of the small things is the most rewarding. Scanned in paper work for the kids summer camp, looked at options for getting e-bills vs canada post and started laundry.

I did think of pulling the kids out of school to go to Cars II but after reading the reviews I didn't think it would be worth fighting the crowds on opening day. We can always go next week. Guessing I will have more time then as well.

Later in the day some people from worked called to offer moral support. It was very nice and very appreciated. Reminded me that I need to let more people know at my work.

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