Friday, 8 July 2011

July 8 - catching up

Sorry for the gap between posts. Had several people wondering what had happened.

The cat-scan last Thur went well. They did a full body scan which is just the torso. The process took 20min but I needed to show up early to drink some special fluid. Not sure what it was but agreed with another guy in the waiting room who said it needed some ice.

The results of all the testing will be ready today but my medical oncologist get back from vacation on July 11 and I have my first meeting with him on July 13. This is when I find out how good or bad things look and he assigns treatment. My shunt for chemo goes in on July 18 so the soonest things can start is July 19. Not sure how long it will take to get my first treatment. Trying to get this before going down east on vacation but it might be after.

Not much more on the medical front. Other than my doctor has put me on iron pills but my strength is still fine.  My gut still has a numb pain but I've been told that is to be expected.

This past week I have been avoiding anything with a keyboard as much as I can. Focusing on working out, doing stuff around the house and spending time with the kids. Outside of the pain in my gut I'm feeling great. Due to working out I've gained muscle tone and lost some more weight, according to BMI I am just over-weight.

Also spent time with the kids at Ontario Place some parks and biking around. The weather has been great.

The teams from RIM has been very supportive. Lots of notes of support and thoughts. The BBNews team took me out for lunch on Thur. It was nice to catch up. This blog has also been posted on BBNews app. If you have a blackberry you can download the app on your BB or PlayBook.

Outside of trying to keep busy, my next doctors appmt in on July 13th.  I'll let you know how things go that day or the next. Hoping that things will go well!


Bayan Q said...

Our thoughts and prayers and with you Stephen.

Karen McCarthy said...

Stephen, good luck with your appointment today! We are all very hopeful and your positive attitude and disposition is inspiring to everyone. I'm very proud to have you as my brother and with all the prayers and rosaries being said for you, this leads me to be very optimistic. Love and prayers, Karen