Sunday, 26 June 2011

June 25 - Sat

Very Busy day

9am - near the end of each school year we have family photos take at Tangerine studio. We have been going to Natalie since Cameron was first born 8 years ago. They do a great job keeping the kids focused and we like going to an owner operated shop.

Forgot to mention that I pulled Gavin out of school on Wed and we both got a haircuts. On Friday I wanted to pull just Cameron out but Gavin saw us so I ended up taking both of them. Cameron is at the age when he is starting to care about his appearance, well at least his hair.

Our normal barbershop had closed early on Friday. On Wed I learned that one of the two brothers who run the place was going in for cancer surgery on Friday, I'll have to follow up with them next week.

10:30am - back at home to feed the kids

11am- back at home, I was heading off to Sobeys and Costco for shopping with Cameron. Tanya took Gavin to a birthday party

1pm - off to Burlington for my sister Colleen's birthday party. Got to see my brother and sisters plus most of their kids. It was great to see everyone was very supportive. Glad the focus of the day was my sisters birthday.

7pm - back home to start taking the medicine in preparation for the colonoscopy. I really didn't want to start taking this without very close access to a washroom.

8pm - made our final booking of RV for the Boyd family reunion at the end of July. We are picking it up in Halifax and driving it to Lakevale , just outside Antigonish Nova Scotia. Cameron and Gavin are looking forward to travelling in the "rust bucket"  for a week. If I need help with the driving I've asked my brothers son Ian to help. We will make it some how.

In some ways a very normal rushed Saturday with the kids but always had health questions in the back of my head.

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