Friday, 29 July 2011

Feeling safer knowing that we have a great chemo nurse from Hamilton staying about 20 meeters away. Also have a Emergency Nurse from Hamilton staying just over a km down the road.

No medical doctors as far as i know but we do have a Phd of Policics on the same farm. So if i do get sick at least I should be able to have some long and interestin conversations.
At the family reunion today we had 125 people playing golf and 477 people registered so far.

Saturday will be strange. Going with my mom and Aunt to visite a group of Nunns who have been praying for me and my family. It should all be fine I just hope i don't start quoting Christopher HutchinsonI'm sure it will all be normal and with in Vatican II guidelines.

Worst case I make my mom and a few other people happy! If I am wrong, it is better to safe by playing all option active.

Returning home on holiday Monday, my next chemo treatment starts Tuesday at 9am. So far l'm feeling fine with no real side effects.

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