Friday, 24 June 2011

How I found out that I have cancer

Saturday June 18
a.       We had ice cream cake for father’s day, I had two pieces. Soon after eating my stomach and gut were really hurting, I needed to lay down
b.      I put this down to me being lactose intolerant and not having taken enough pills.
c.       I needed to lay down and rest, was wiped out for the rest of the night
Sunday June 19
d.      I was feeling much better; the family went to Ontario Place for the day, no issues. I was pulling a wagon or pushing a stroller most of the day, and went down one tube ride
e.      When we got home my gut pain flaired up, I took a 90 min nap. Most of the time when I take a nap on the weekends it’s for 30 to 45 min so this nap was longer and deeper than I had expected
f.        I was still groggy after the nap but I put this down to being in the sun pulling a wagon for most of the day
Monday June 20th
g.       Packed for a work trip to Fredericton, was Ok but still had more gut pain than was normal
h.      During the day my gut pain got worse and worse, by the time I reached Fredericton I needed help to get up. When I went from sitting to standing it felt like someone had stabbed me in the gut.
i.         After booking in at the hotel I went to a local walk in clinic – concerned I had appendicitis
j.        They sent me for blood work that afternoon at the Fredericton hospital
k.       By 10pm the blood work was back and the doctor at the walk in clinic had booked me in for a Cat scan the next day
l.         Later that night I had a large bowel movement and since then my movements have been fine, small but no problems
Tuesday July 21
m.    I had the Cat scan close to noon, at around 1pm I was told that I have cancer in my intestines and it has spread to my liver
n.      By 3pm I was on a plane back to Toronto
o.      My family doctor, Dr. Sujatha Sundaram was alerted by the Fredericton doctor and she started working on next steps

I was very impressed with the technology at the Fredericton hospital, years beyond what we have in Ontario, however the building did not have a big H or anything to label it as a hospital to someone new. I guess all the locals just know. 

The  flight home from Fredricton was the longest fight that I've ever taken. The plan was half full and I had no one sitting beside me. I was only able to talk with Tanya once before leaving. It was just two hrs of time to think all alone.

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